Mother Mary

Advent Lectures “Remembering Mary”

Mary, the mother of Jesus, has been a controversial figure for Protestants since the Reformation. On the one hand, she is the Mother of God, and hence, worthy of great honor, but, on the other hand, one of the Catholic distinctions that Protestants have long objected to is the veneration of Mary. This year during Advent, Elder Matthew Taylor reflects on a number of ways Mary is remembered and forgotten within and outside our Reformed theological tradition. Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30am in the Adult Issues class for these discussions in the Washington Room.
December 6th – Mary and the God of Justice: Listening Anew to the Magnificat
In verses we tend to read past quickly, Mary’s famous song of praise calls for a radical upsetting of society and hierarchies. What are we to do with this revolutionary cry from the Mother of God?
December 13th – Mary in the Islamic Tradition: Memories from the Qur’an
Many Christians don’t know that Mary actually gets more face-time in the Qur’an than she does in the Bible. How do Muslims remember Mary, and what does this mean for the many important conversations between Muslims and Christians?
December 20thRe-forming Our View of Mary: Finding Catholic and Protestant Space for Agreement
Protestants and Catholics have fought about Mary for centuries. Nearly 500 years after the Reformation, can we find any common ground about the mother of our common Lord?