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A Cure for Thirst

It’s back!  The infamous DC summer heat is here for its annual visit.  Public service announcements remind us to drink plenty of water, but our bodies usually give us all the reminders we need.  In one of our psalms from this week (Psalm 63), we hear a cry from the psalmist:  O God, you are […]

This Independence Day

Last Sunday, after attending an organ concert in Southeast, DC, the friend I was walking with pointed to an unassuming grey house on G Street. “That was where John Philip Sousa was born,” he said. It makes sense that someone whose music is so indelibly etched in the national identity of America, would be born […]

God Provides

This year, Katie and I bought a share in CSA “Community Supported Agriculture.” Once a week we get a box of fruits, vegetables, and eggs grown directly in the Maryland and Virginia regions. We’re very happy to be supporting local farmers, eating things produced with fewer chemicals, and lowering our carbon footprint. One of the interesting […]

Transporting on A Sunday Morning

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Hello Dolly at the Kennedy Center. It was a wonderful production and sheer entertainment bliss. The dancing and the costumes were remarkable. The actors were thoroughly enjoying their roles. The musicians led the whole show with aplomb. We sang under our breath and were transported to another era of […]

Rebuilt Through God’s Grace and Mercy

In the Spring of 1989, on a choir tour to Paris, with just a couple of minutes before I had to be back on the bus, I ran into the Notre Dame Cathedral and purchased a recording of the organ symphonies of Louis Vierne, played on the great organ of the cathedral by Olivier Latry, […]

Pastor Rachel’s Sabbatical Farewell

Almost exactly eight years ago I sat in the Washington Room—away from my 7-month old baby Mae for the first time—facing a panel of the most intimidating people I had ever met. “Rachel, you work at a grocery store, and you have some education experience, but no formal education background, only an M.Div. Will you […]

Memorial Day Reflection

Earlier this year I was able to attend a wreath-laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider led by the Presiding Bishop of the Lutheran Church, Elizabeth Eaton. Present were also a number of military chaplains who have served for many years, an important reminder of the many chaplains of many faiths who minister during […]

Extra! Extra! It’s Bible Sunday!

Where do you get your news?  Washington Post, Fox News, theSkimm, WSJ, NPR, Twitter?  The choices are endless and we all have our favorite sources for the events of the day.  In D.C. we tend to be news junkies.  Theologian Karl Barth famously said that Ministers of the Word of God should preach with the […]

A Personal Reflection from Mark

Two weeks ago, my father Thomas Joseph Willey died after a long decline at 80 years of age. In November of 2014 I got a call from my step-mother Barbara that my father had been hospitalized with critically low cardiac output and if I wished to see him alive I should get there as soon […]

Finding Joy

In Wendell Berry’s poem, “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front,” Berry gives us this counsel: “Be joyful though you have considered all the facts.” I highly suggest you sit down for a few minutes with this seminal poem of his, and consider how strangely counter-cultural his suggestion is. I find most weeks a plethora of […]