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Today’s Lord’s Supper

A classic ordination question for ministers involves some scenario where a youth pastor wants to serve “potato chips and Mountain Dew” for the Lord’s Supper at a church retreat. Sitting at my computer, it is easy to laugh at such a scenario, but the question stays relevant because God truly works in the cracks and […]

New Year, New Things

Every January, I lull myself into a false sense that, well, it’s January. It’s time for a moment to relax after the mad dash to the end of the year that is December. And every January, my illusions of course prove to be false. Something tells me I’m not alone in this feeling! Instead, what […]

Happy New Year

On New Years Eve, I sent a Tennyson poem out to a few friends.  It was poem I had been reading throughout December as I anticipated the new year:  Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky, The flying cloud, the frosty light: The year is dying in the night; Ring out, wild bells, and […]

Sunday’s Solo

On Sunday, Katherine Riddle will sing a solo version of a beautiful text by English poet Christina Rossetti. First published in 1872, it’s been set to a number of tunes but is well worth reading on its own: In the bleak mid-winter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone; […]

An Awesome Christmas

Christmas! Yes! The angels were so excited they tore open the heavens and shouted to the night-shift temp-worker shepherds. The shepherds were so excited, they left their sheep to head to a stranger’s barn. The magi were so excited, they planned a month’s long inter-continental journey. The message spread throughout the region and through time […]

Serving Refugees

Many of the “refugees” still coming to the Washington region are commonly referred to as “SIV’s” – people with Special Immigrant Visas. These are visas for people and their families who served as translators for the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their journeys to get here have been long and difficult, and yet getting […]

28 Minutes

28 minutes. When was the last time you took 28 minutes to sit and ponder the holy mysteries of our faith? At this time of year it is almost an absurd question. Sunday’s service is going to force the issue as the GPC choir and a baroque orchestra present Gloria in D Major by Antonio Vivaldi. […]

Patiently Waiting

On Sunday, we begin the first of four weeks of Advent, a season when we essentially celebrate the act of waiting. This is made easier for us now when we know the timeline: four weeks of Advent, then Christmas. It’s literally clockwork, but what are we supposed to do if when we don’t know the timeline? Even […]

Mission Market & Fair

For many years, GPC has hosted a market every November/December to kick off the holiday season and provide an opportunity to purchase with a purpose. In the last few years, we’ve updated the name to reflect the fact that mission has expanded significantly, and that there are increasingly ways that GPC serves year round. Our […]

The Silver Lining in Politics

On Tuesday night, like many Americans, I watched some of the coverage of the election returns, with a combination of despair at how divisive the dialog around our differences is, and hope that we might find a path to conversation and greater unity. I’ve always believed that all humans, even coming from drastically different cultural, […]