GPC Circles

The goal of GPC Circles is to offer fellowship among church members in a smaller setting, allowing time beyond Sunday morning for friendships to blossom, for an opportunity to learn where extra care or support might be needed, and to offer fun and festive activities that might encourage members to invite friends. In short, Circles aim to increase fellowship, care, outreach, and evangelism.

We’ve divided the DC-Maryland-Virginia GPC membership into 8 Circles based on zip codes, and there are generally about 30 households per Circle. Each Circle will have two leaders (co-chairs, or a chair and a vice chair), and training will be provided by Pastor Rachel and the Deacons’ Member Team. The role of Circle leaders is to help organize (not necessarily host) a total of 4 events per Circle per year. Events could include: potluck dinners, brunch, drinks and light appetizers, a picnic, bowling, touring a museum together, a hike, volunteering together to serve lunch bunch after worship, or to serve at the shelter or Saturday or Sunday homeless dinners, a theme night such as St. Patrick’s Day, or even a Bible Study.

We encourage group leaders to listen to their Circle members and be creative!

To volunteer, or ask questions, please email Mary Beth Ray at [email protected].