Kitchen Renovation 2017

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Renovation Plan

Where would we be without our kitchen? Yes, the kitchen, the unsung workhorse of GPC. Week in and week out, we provide hospitality to all who walk through our doors. From flowers that enliven our sanctuary to food for the St. Nick’s Dinner, Lunch Bunch, Georgetown Sunday Dinners, Winter Shelter and more, the kitchen makes the ministries of the church work.

If you’ve spent any time in our kitchen, you’ve noticed that you need to put on a warm coat when prepping for Lunch Bunch in the winter. You’ve had to fight with indoor floods after a downpour. You’ve had to run to the store to grab bags of ice for cold drinks. You’ve tripped over one another when bringing out food through a narrow hallway. After 50 years of service, our kitchen is obviously no longer up to the task.

Since GPC is committed to excellence in ministry and service, our kitchen can and should reflect that excellence. So this summer, we’re renovating the kitchen in a big way and we’re not just getting new appliances and calling it a day. It’s time to see where we are, imagine future possibilities, and build the kitchen that will facilitate our ministries for years to come.

The Session spent the past year planning and working with architects and a design/build firm and will undertake the project this summer.

View the new kitchen floorplan here.

The design will:

  • Improve workspaces for kitchen volunteers
  • Enhance traffic flow for diners
  • Accommodate more diners in the Georgetown Room
  • Create additional storage space

Kitchen workers will gain an efficient, pleasant, safe workspace with modern conveniences that are segregated from the Georgetown Room.

The back portion of the stage in the Georgetown Room will become an internal hallway with a serving /steam table station. The front six feet of the stage will be preserved as a stage.

The Georgetown Room will accommodate more seating and require no serving table set up.

This is a very expensive project because we must gut the current kitchen and part of the stage space, replace the plumbing, electric, and fire suppression systems; install heating and air-conditioning systems; and install upgraded, commercial appliances. We also will replace the flat, membrane roof over the kitchen and back hallway at the same time, since it is also at the end of its useful life.

To accomplish the renovation this summer, the Session has approved spending $400,000. The high cost is due to DC’s stringent building codes and requirement that this be a commercial-grade kitchen, plus the cost of renovating an historic building.

So we’re asking for your help. Contributions made be made by check–please write “Kitchen Renovation” in the memo line–or online by clicking one of the buttons above.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.