Souper Bowl of Caring

Each year on Super Bowl Sunday, we collect a special offering for some of the most urgent needs our world is facing. In 2016, our “Souper Bowl of Caring” raised over $400 to support families in the middle of the water crisis in Flint, MI.

Salvation Army’s Angel Tree

Each Christmas congregants “adopts” 50 children in the DC area through the Salvation Army program focused on families unable to provide gifts and clothing for their families during the holidays.

Mission Market & Fair

This is an alternative gifts market sponsored every fall before the beginning of the Christmas season, encouraging members to shop responsibly and in a way that gives back. We partner with our domestic and international mission partners, Heifer International, Equal Exchange, SERVV, and others in order to facilitate Christmas giving that supports the work of justice here and around the world.

Home for Aged Women

Each year, we reach out to people who are sometime overlooked with our Easter Basket Campaign. This year we donated beautiful baskets filled by members of the congregation and had a time of fellowship. Twelve baskets went to women living at the Home for Aged Women on Wisconsin Avenue here in Georgetown.   They were extremely grateful for the gifts and conversation with members of the congregation.


BAGázs Public Benefit Association was started by 13 volunteers who participated actively in the organizing of a summer camp in 2010 in Bag, a village of 4500 in Hungary with a segregated population of about 500 Roma who are served directly. Bagazs sets out to use the methods of non-formal education and volunteerism to enable the youth of Bag to work towards their self-defined goals and to enhance their freedom to choose their own path in life, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Sudan Sunrise

Sudan Sunrise works with individuals from diverse religious backgrounds and identities facilitating reconciliation efforts to ensure lasting peace in Sudan and South Sudan. Sudan Sunrise is committed to fulfill the dream of Manute Bol to support educational projects for children of all tribes and religions. Through grassroots initiatives on reconciliation, education, and community building, Sudan Sunrise supports projects that foster peace, hope, and forgiveness.


Rev. Tomeh serves a church on the border of Syria in Lebanon. Since the violence started in Syria in March 2011, this area has been flooded with displaced families from the fighting area in Syria.  The coast line where they are located is still safe which makes it a safe haven for many families who are fleeing in the violence. GPC is privileged to offer financial support for the work of helping refugees near to their homes.